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G27 Custom Cycles is a journey through your imagination, your childhood memories, and the freedom and excitement you felt when you rode a bike for the first time. Our mission is to put our expertise and passion at your disposal so you can unleash your creativity and build the bike of your dreams, made to measure down to every detail.

We invite you to create your one of a kind two-wheeled dream.

G27 Custom Cycles is a journey through your imagination, your childhood memories.

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Our latest works

Dragon scales, carbon skin and aggressive lines, open new horizons.

What we do

We build, customize and give shape and life to the bicycle of your dreams.
Spectacular, unique and exclusive machines à la carte, combining the materials and finishes of your choice, with or without electric system.

Do you want to treat yourself? Do you want to make a spectacular gift? Do you need something special to impress your clients or guests at your event or exhibition?

Our creations are bound to impress.


The number 27 is tied to some of my happiest memories -- it’s the competition number with which I achieved my greatest wins. The letter "G" refers to my name and the G force, the acceleration and inertia of gravity. Both acronyms come together and combine to symbolize the strength, passion, innovation, and unlimited imagination required to make the impossible possible.


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